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More Blind!Nico AU uwu

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puella magi madoka magica: rebellion | kyoko's transformation

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when relatives say mean things to you at family gatherings

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I love these little magnetic bookmarks created by Wild Olive!

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Never Running From a Real Fight

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These Amazing Swirled Paper Flowers are Worth Trying


Images via: instructables

To make these beautiful flowers first you have to cut a 2 inches wide strip of colored paper. Fold it lengthwise from one side as shown. After that make cuts in the strip and swirl the fringe. Then cut another 2 inches wide strip of green paper, make a roll with it and glue the ends to become a stem. Apply glue on the swirled strip and start rolling it around the stem. Fold a 2 inches wide strip of green paper and cut it while folded as shown. Unfold the paper and grass will form. Glue and roll that too around the stem.

Make as many colors as you like and complete a bunch. Happy crafting!

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